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PATIENT VOICES 2020: Virtual Livestream Fundraiser

As Event Director: Designed marketing schedule and influencer outreach programs to wrangle talent. Secured influencers with global reach, raised ver $10,000 during the life of the fundraising initiative.


Broadway World Review of

Little Shop of horrors at ACT of CT

...."feed me," initially being its primary words in a remarkable vocal performance by Kent Overshown, accompanied by the puppeteer expertise of Thomas Bergamo. This creates an eerily realistic feel to the plant as its alligator-like mouth, complete with teeth, moves as it speaks. ~ by Sean Fallon Oct. 7, 2019 

Its realistic movements combined with its "feed me," vocals truly create the intended horror vibe in a way that could only be truly felt in the capacity of live entertainment. ~ by Sean Fallon Oct. 7, 2019  

Broadway World Review of Cabaret by 


Connecticut Repertory Theatre

"The Cast of CT Rep's CABARET is like a gift from Broadway heaven." ~ by Joseph Harrison Jul. 6, 2019  

"...the Kit Kat girls and boys are full of raw energy and beautiful tension, making this reviewer very happy they kept both "Don't Tell Mama" and "Mein Herr" in the show." ~by Joseph Harrison Jul. 6, 2019  

"The rest of the ensemble is great, as well, giving high-energy performances all around." ~by Joseph Harrison Jul. 6, 2019  


Thomas Bergamo

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We are so capable as human beings of accomplishing fantastic feats. We have greater power over every decision we make in our lives, most times without realizing it. You are a powerful being, we are a powerful being. Together, there is no limit to how far we may go, or what heights we will bound. What else is out there for us? What wonders are waiting to be discovered?

Thomas Bergamo is a singer, actor, and dancer with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Western Connecticut State University. Through the guidance of professors such as; Elizabeth Parkinson, Mary Ann Lamb, Tim Howard, Scott Wise, John Hickock, Michael Bartoli, Phillip George, Janelle Robinson, and Jeremy Powell, Tom has expanded his skill-set as a performing artist. Friends would describe him as, "electric, compassionate, funny, ferocious, well-rounded, and focused." 




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